Traditional Wedding in Dubai

Updated on Thursday 22nd February 2018

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Traditional weddings will in most cases respect the religion and the customs of the bride and the groom. Getting married in Dubai does not mean that you have to respect or to consider the Arabian rituals if you have a different opinion or if you visualize your wedding in a very special manner. Our team of wedding planners in Dubai can organize your event in complete accordance with your requirements and ideas, in order to set up a traditional wedding

How a traditional Arab wedding takes place in Dubai

If you want to get married in Dubai, it is recommended to understand the values, cultures and the traditions of this beautiful city. It is well known that Islam is the major religion in the UAE and its superiority can be clearly seen in Dubai’s’ culture and civilization. Wedding traditions in Dubai are very thrilling and only close family members, friends or relatives are allowed to see the bride after setting the wedding date. Ritual says that is suggested for the bride to enjoy the good food and take as much rest as possible, before the big wedding day. The bride’s hair will be washed with extracts of jasmine and amber, as the wedding day comes near.

The bride’s complete body will be then massaged with oils and perfumes and then at night it will be covered with henna, her hands and feet will be decorated with mehndi, the famous paste used for all sorts of Arabian rituals. This incredible and special night is a chance for the two families to have a splendid time together before the traditional wedding takes place in Dubai. The groom's family will then dance down the streets of Dubai until reaching the house of the future wife. 

If you would like to know more about how a traditional wedding can be organized in Dubai, you may watch the video below: 


How you can create your own traditional wedding

Just like in most cases, a wedding is subject to varied steps which involve both the bride and the groom. Choosing the easiest way will in many cases conquer your invitees who do not have to worry about any customs they do not know. If you want a traditional wedding in Dubai, our wedding event planner in Dubai is at your disposal with guidelines and recommendations in many aspects related to your exclusive event. You might want to bear in mind the following features when planning a wedding in Dubai:

•    set up the wedding date;
•    create the guest list;
•    design and send the invitations;
•    choose the wedding venue;
•    choose the vendors and the suppliers;
•    decide on the wedding outfit, makeup, and hair;
•    book rooms for foreign invitees;
•    organize the bachelor/bachelorette party;

As for the traditional wedding itself, the couple should not consider it stressful, because after all, it is a great and unique event full of happiness and fun moments with the loved ones. Pleasing the invitees and enjoying the wedding should be two of the “concerns” of your traditional wedding in Dubai. In order to ease the moment and to understand better how the wedding should take place, you might want to keep in mind these matters:

•    you may rent a Rolls-Royce white limousine and arrive in style at the wedding venue;
•    you can talk to the manager of the restaurant about your preferred wedding theme;
•    you can ask for a sweets buffet;
•    you can welcome your guests with a glass of champagne or a cold white wine;
•    your bridesmaids can invite people to their wedding tables;
•    the groom’s dance will set the tone of the party;
•    don’t forget to talk to your invitees once in a while;
•    enjoy the wedding cake moment with your guests.

We can help you plan the traditional wedding in Dubai

Our wedding planners in Dubai will help you with all the significant steps if you decide to have a traditional wedding in the city. We will also help you choose the wedding theme, the restaurant, the suppliers, and we will offer appropriate support for the ceremony rehearsal, taking into account the special traditions for this unique event.

You are invited to contact our Dubai wedding planner for any references or info about the traditional weddings in Dubai or if you need wedding planning services.