Types of Wedding Rings

Updated on Thursday 08th December 2016

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The wedding rings are meant to last forever, just like the love and respect of a husband and wife. The market offers many options nowadays and the couple can choose everything they wish, setting a big accent on imagination and uniqueness. Our wedding event planner in Dubai is ready to offer assistance when choosing the wedding bands and can also provide you with a list of the most wanted and appreciated jewelry shops in the city.

Choose the diamond wedding rings

Without any doubts, the gold wedding bands will always be a great choice for the newly-weds who can add extra sparkle if they want to. Think of  a beautiful little diamond on the lady’s finger, if you wish to impress her forever. As we all know, you can make a woman happy if you dress her in diamonds, in our case, we can start with a gold wedding ring and a little diamond on top, right next to the big and fancy engagement ring. As for the gentlemen, they can stay to the classics and choose the simple wedding band made of gold. You can also add the names and the wedding date, for a touch of romance.

Choose the platinum wedding bands

Besides gold wedding rings, you may choose the platinum wedding bands. This is a beautiful and thin material, highly wanted by couples who do not agree that much a golden wedding ring. As a recommendation from our wedding planners in Dubai, you can add half of a heart and some bright crystal on the bride’s wedding band, and the other half on the groom’s ring, without any other additional items or models. Don’t forget to add the wedding date and if you have imagination, you can write down some funny notes like:

•    every day with you;
•    eternal love;
•    happy to love you;
•    no day without you;
•    Romeo’s wife - Juliet’s husband.

Types of wedding bands for your special event in Dubai

According to your style and ideas, you can choose the perfect wedding band type, no matter if its flat, curved or fit. Here are some wedding ring types that you can choose as a symbol of love, for you and your husband:

•    the comfort fit ring, with a rounded interior for a complete comfort. You can add a bright crystal if you wish;
•    the flat wedding rings are also known as pipe rings because they are flat and simple, with no other shapes or outlines;
•    the plain wedding band is extremely chic, simple and elegant. For a touch of luxury, you can choose platinum or white gold.

No matter the type of wedding ring you select, make sure to tell your jeweler every single detail, starting with the type of the material, the shape, the size and ending with the wedding date inscription. As a reminder, you can ask our wedding event planners in Dubai to create you a timeline for your wedding, considering the main features and still enjoying the special event.

For extra information and guidelines about how to choose the wedding rings, you are invited to contact our team of wedding event planners in Dubai. You may also receive full wedding planning services in Dubai.