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Updated on Tuesday 22nd November 2016

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Planning a wedding in Dubai can be quite challenging, but if you ask for help and guidance from our wedding event planner in Dubai, the tasks will be a lot easier. And besides that, due to the advanced technology and the appearance of smart mobile phones and tablets, you can also start planning the wedding with the help of apps. We have tested four interesting wedding apps and here is what we can recommend you, in order to create a wedding timeline and to properly organize your big event in Dubai.

The “Wedding Planning” App for iOS and Android

First of all, this app allows you to add details about you, such as name, wedding date and who is who: the bride and the groom. And then comes the easy and funny part! The ultimate planning tools let you create the guest list, the budget, choose the vendors and even the table arrangement and seating chart. Every submenu contains spaces for you to add the desired things, and for example, if you choose “my vendors” you can add the name of the photographer, bakery, music band or flower shop. In the budget section, you can add the amount you need for the reception, for decorations, gifts or rental items. You can also sync the app with your mobile phone data. For about $3.99 you can see some wedding tips and you can add your journal where you can share details about your story, ideas about your wedding and registry. Practically, your wedding day in Dubai can be found in details on your mobile, no matter where you are, as long as you have a good internet connection. You should also try the ultimate checklist and see everything you need to do before you plan the wedding in Dubai.

The “Countdown!” App for iOS and Android

The interesting part of this mobile application is that you can see in real time the days, the minutes and the seconds left before your special wedding day in Dubai. You can make a music playlist, add reminders and photos for about $4. Our wedding event planners in Dubai recommend this application because it gets you shivers whenever you see the time left until your wedding. Yes, it’s all about feelings and emotions!

The “WedHappy” App for iOS and Android

This is an interesting and complete application for your mobile phone and we can say it’s a mini wedding planner that stays in your pocket or purse, keeping every detail about you and your wedding. After selecting the wedding date, the app is going to set the dates you need to do certain things, for instance:

•    when you need to announce the engagement;
•    when you need to set the budget;
•    when you need to hire a wedding planner;
•    when you need to search for venues and caterers in Dubai;
•    when you need to send the save-the-date email;
•    when you need to order the wedding dress;
•    when you need to buy gift registries.

You can also add details and notes about the chosen bakery, DJ, decorations, florist, hair stylist, invitations, jeweler, officiant, transportation or about your wedding planner.

The “vTie” App especially made for gentlemen

We cannot forget the groom, he has an important part also, he needs to get dressed perfectly and of course, he needs to have a flawless bow tie. This was always a problem, but we have a solution now! The vTie application offers the groom five possibilities of tying the knot, such as four-in-hand knot, half Windsor knot, Victoria knot, double tie knot, oriental knot and the Onassis knot. You can see how it’s done with the help of minimum five pictures, but you can also choose the simple movie made of these pictures. For a certain amount, you can upgrade to premium and see all different kinds of tie knots.

Besides installing wedding planning apps on your mobile phone or tablet, it is recommended to contact our wedding planners in Dubai. We have so many ideas and we can help and guide you the entire process. And then, all you need to do is have fun at your wedding in Dubai.