Wedding on the Beach in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 28th November 2017

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It is a certitude that having a wedding on the beach will represent one of the most wonderful memories a woman can have. Your wedding day can be splendid and created just the way you dream of with the help offered by our wedding planners in Dubai. Our team is at your disposal for details about the wedding management and the important steps to consider whether it is an event on the beach or at an exclusivist venue in Dubai.

First, choose the location

Dubai is the largest city in the UAE and it is located in the beautiful Persian Gulf. The turquoise waters and the thin golden sands are witnesses to many beautiful weddings on the beach. Yours can be the same with the difference that each detail will be in accordance with your requests and desires. There are numerous resorts in Dubai which offer special wedding packages for events on the beach. A five-star resort in Dubai is definitely the choice to consider, as such place can provide you with all the facilities related to a wedding on the beach. You can also choose the resort for your guests from overseas who are willing to take part of your wedding in Dubai. Just make sure to book some rooms in advance. 

Set up the wedding theme 

The wedding theme must be outstanding and must reflect your ideas and good taste. Let our wedding event planner in Dubai make some recommendations and take care of your wishes. We can help you choose a stunning flower arch for your wedding in Dubai, and as a proposal, you can count on a handmade vintage decoration with rose-gold velvet draperies, and lace insertions in the same tone. The flower arch can be completed with lovely roses, and faux floral greenery to last the entire event. Vintage items can be placed on the tables, and the centerpiece will definitely be the red carpet on your way to the flower arch where the vows will be heard by the Arabian Sea.

Here is a video about how your wedding on the beach in Dubai can be arranged with the help of our wedding planners


Rules for wedding beaches in Dubai

When planning a wedding on the beach in Dubai you should consider the rules in the area. The local authorities can inform you about how gatherings of such type of event should take place without disturbing anyone. Additionally, it is good to know that some beach-front locations allow only a particular number of people, therefore, your Dubai wedding planner will talk to the venue manager about this aspect.

Other conditions for a wedding on the beach in Dubai

Besides the overall beauty and excitement of a beach wedding in Dubai, it is good to know that there are places where alcohol or fireworks are prohibited. When choosing the beach-front location for your wedding in Dubai, our consultants will talk to the managers and see if such rules apply or not. It is best to know in time what to expect, especially if you want a stress-free event without having to think whether you can do certain things or not. A wedding is all about having fun with friends and family in a memorable and gorgeous place, in our case, at the beach.

Why you should plan a wedding on the beach in Dubai

Romance, clear blue sky, turquoise waters, a delightful temperature, and the feeling of having fun in nature are only a few reasons why people decide to get married on the beach. You can always choose an indoor venue for your wedding in Dubai, but if you want to impress in a very special way, you can choose our wedding planning services in Dubai, as we can arrange your wedding on the beach.

We invite you to contact our team of wedding event planners in Dubai for information and details about how you can manage your Dubai wedding.