Wedding on the Beach in Dubai

Updated on Thursday 29th September 2016

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The memories of your wedding will, most definitely, last for a life time. Our wedding event planner in Dubai will ensure that it will be perfect, with a wide collection of venues and devoted attention to every detail. Your wedding in Dubai will have a high level of entertainment and world-class menus.

So, where else can you spend that amazing day instead of Dubai? It is one of the most romantic locations and has wonderful restaurants, right near the beachfront. Our wedding planner in Dubai will offer you privacy with beautiful, elegant surroundings. After that, exchanging vows (barefoot) in the sand will provide an ideal occasion for a romantic wedding in Dubai. During the sunset, you can celebrate with all of your loved ones, all the way into the night, right near the beach. Basically, whether you pick day or dusk, the outdoor location with all the stunning views will transform a recipe for the day.

Rules for gatherings on the beach

For wedding planning in Dubai, when choosing a beach-front location, the rules may vary, depending on the area. The planner will need to verify regulations, with the local government, regarding this type of gatherings. Of course, it will also depend on the total number of people invited, because every beach has a different maximum number permitted. Also, keep in mind that beaches are loud. If your gathering will have too many guests, they might not hear everything. In this case, you must find (in advance) a portable source of power.

Privacy, alcohol and bonfires

Beside the mentioned rules, if you want privacy, you need to check for available options and obtain a permit, so others won’t come barging in.  Speaking of permits, if starting a bonfire is on the wedding list, you should know that it is prohibited on some beaches. You will also need to check on what beaches is alcohol consumption permitted. And because accessibility comes into mind, taking the guests list into consideration, our wedding event planners in Dubai will help you with information related to the additional accommodation details, so make sure to contact us.


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