What to Choose: a Small or a Large Wedding?

Updated on Tuesday 15th November 2016

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What to Choose: a Small or a Large Wedding? Image
The wedding preparation in Dubai can be quite simple and exciting, no matter the type of wedding  you choose, a small or a large one. Our wedding event planner in Dubai is more than ready to provide you with the necessary information and guidance if you have decided to create your special wedding in Dubai. There are certain things you should consider when choosing a small or a large wedding, and in this article, we will explain the important aspects of each type of ceremony.

Choose a small wedding in Dubai 

A small wedding in Dubai will imply first of all low expenses, but consider that the city is luxurious and tempting no matter what you choose to do there. If you are the type of person who wishes to please the close friends and family with a small and also luxurious reception, then you should definitely choose a small wedding in Dubai. And besides this reason, many people choose to have a small and intimate ceremony in Dubai because they wish to create a romantic and cozy atmosphere, where they can feel free and happy, without considering any rigorous rules or traditions.

Our wedding planners in Dubai can provide you with a list of contractors, in order for you to choose the caterers, the music, the wedding cake or the entertainment, according to your visions and also to your budget. A small wedding in Dubai can be a great option if you think of 40 or 60 invited persons. But it is good to know that the special care and attention are still necessary, even if the ceremony is intimate. And for a touch of extravagance, you can create a candy bar for your wedding in Dubai.

Choose a large wedding in Dubai

If you wish to plan a large wedding in Dubai there is no need to worry or to wonder if the things and the arrangement will be as expected. Our wedding event planners in Dubai can offer you great recommendations regarding this type of ceremony and about the important things you should consider. If you have settled the date, then it is time to start searching for the wedding venue in Dubai and have some meetings with the managers and talk about the chosen wedding theme, table arrangement, and menus, according to your ideas. If we are talking about a wedding guest list that contains about 200 people or even more, the wedding planner can help you with every detail of your future ceremony, starting with the wedding dress, jewelry, seating arrangements, photographers, entertainment, and music. For a large wedding in Dubai, it is recommended to hire a band and to create a playlist with all kinds of hits, in order to please as much as possible all your wedding guests. This type of ceremony usually asks for extra attention regarding the photography, therefore, you should start your search in time because you might want to hire two or three photographers to capture most of your special moments with everyone.

You are invited to contact our team of wedding event planners in Dubai if you have decided for a small or large wedding in Dubai, and you wish guidance and recommendations.