Where to Entertain Your Guests in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 21st February 2017

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Having a wedding in Dubai is for sure an excellent choice and the entire event is a memory you cannot forget. Gorgeous venues, imposing architecture, beautiful culture and friendly people need to be discovered as soon as you arrive in Dubai. And if your overseas friends will come at your wedding in Dubai, you should consider offering a few entertainment options, if they prolong their visit. In this article, we have gathered the main attractions in the city and our wedding event planner in Dubai can offer the best choices to impress your friends and family in a city that opens the future in front of everyone’s eyes.

Dubai Marina Beach

While searching for the most beautiful wedding dress, shoes, jewelry or venue in Dubai, have some time and make a short list with the places to visit, as recommendations for your abroad invitees. For instance, you can suggest them to visit the beautiful Dubai Marina beach, an interesting attraction and a perfect place for romantic escapes. Besides the amazing towers, the extravagant restaurants or luxurious coffee shops, people can enjoy the beach zone and can rent yachts if they want to explore the city with style and glam. In the same area, Palm Jumeirah is ready to be discovered by your wedding guests, one of the beautiful wonders of the 21st century, where innovation, technology, and luxury are a perfect combination. As for the night fun, the guests can enjoy the night clubs and bars where well-known DJs around the world play their music.

The Miracle Garden in Dubai

The Miracle Garden in Dubai is leisure facility opened four years ago, with 72,000 sqm and more than 109 million flowers. Your guests will be amazed by the butterfly garden, which is the masterpiece of the place. Stars, flourishing pyramids, animated exhibitions and fascinating decorations can be explored in the Miracle Garden in Dubai.

Dubai fountains

The Dubai fountains are one of the most wanted and visited attraction in the city, which is a musical fountain that enchants the tourists as soon as they get to see it. The evening shows are made of different kinds of international hits, where the powerful water jets dance along with the sounds and the colorful lights. It is considered to be a city wonder that needs to be written on any to-do-list for Dubai. There are many restaurants and malls right next to the fountains, so make sure to reserve a perfect seat to watch the show.

Boat tours in Dubai

Would you like to enjoy a private and luxurious cruise? Then it is time to have some fun with your invitees on a day or night cruise. The boats are completely equipped with everything you might think of and can be a suitable option for those who want to explore Dubai by night. You can ask for champagne on a private boat, while enjoying the beautiful landscape and a perfect dinner with your friends, as long as you wish. While searching for the perfect items for your special event and looking for entertainment moments for your invitees, let our wedding planners in Dubai take care of the caterers, photographers, decorations or music band.

Safari in Dubai desert

You cannot leave Dubai without enjoying a great safari experience, by day or by night. Your wedding guests might be adventure lovers in disguise so why not offer them an amazing opportunity while exploring Dubai. Going to the dunes, discovering brand new places and enjoying a beautiful all-inclusive trip are definitely things to do when arriving in Dubai.

If you have decided to organize a wedding in Dubai and you need suitable entertainment options for your invitees, please do not hesitate to contact our team of wedding planners in Dubai.