Why Choose a Large Wedding in Dubai?

Updated on Thursday 05th January 2017

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Why Choose a Large Wedding in Dubai? Image
A large wedding in Dubai implies lots of friends and family members, in a special decor, with exclusive music and tremendous party. If you want opulence and lots of fun, you can choose a large wedding in Dubai. About 200 or 300 invitees are usually accepted for this ostentatious event, and our wedding event planners in Dubai can provide you with the essential information and guideline when preparing the wedding.

An imposing venue for an exclusive wedding in Dubai

If you said yes and planned the number of guests for your large wedding in Dubai, it is time to choose an imposing venue, suitable for such special event. Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis the Palm, Dubai Marina or Grand Hyatt Dubai are luxurious venues where you can organize the wedding of your dreams. Many VIPs, movie stars or artists have chosen to say their vows in such beautiful and amazing places in Dubai. As a recommendation from our wedding planners in Dubai, you should start your venue search in time, with about ten months ahead because you need to avoid the scheduled dates. You can receive a list of exclusive venues from our wedding planner in Dubai who can book some appointments with the managers, in order to establish the wedding theme, the décor, the party, the table arrangements and all sort of details related to the big event. You can choose fall wedding themes with rustic furnishings and a gorgeous flower arch where you can say the vows for eternity.

Don’t forget to choose and send the wedding invitations

Besides looking for the best wedding dress, shoes, jewelry and groom’s outfit, you should select the wedding invitations that need to contain details about your grand fairytale, date, and venue. If you wish a certain dress code, you can also add this significant detail on your wedding invitation. It is good to know that there are many wedding invitation ideas online, with lots of interesting designs, therefore, you can choose what you like the most and you can add a touch of your personality too. A large wedding in Dubai takes some time to organize, so make sure to send the invitations in time, with about 5 or 6 months ahead and then start calling and adjust the wedding guests list. Having all the details about the invitees on a list will help you create the menus and arrange the tables, considering which friends you would like to have next to you and which family members should stay together and enjoy your beautiful event in the same place or table.

Why hire a wedding planner for a large wedding in Dubai?

The answer is quite simple: you don’t want to get overwhelmed by the things you need to plan or organize for your large wedding in Dubai. The wedding planner will help you ease the process, will guide you when choosing the caterers, the photographers, the band, the DJ, the officiant and the venue. A proper communication with your wedding event planner in Dubai is essential because all you want is a perfect wedding according to your dreams, ideas, and views.  Every single detail, starting with the wedding theme and concluding with the wedding reception are mandatory when meeting our wedding planner. It is quite recommended to describe your relationship, your love story with short but important details, in order to create a plan which will mix with the outstanding event in Dubai, especially if it’s a large wedding.

This kind of event requires a special etiquette and a well-made timeline, with hours and moments that need to be considered every step you take. In other words, you should make a good impression in front of family and friends, respect the traditions, please with good taste and style and offer good times and relaxation. After all, it’s a wedding where everyone should enjoy your special and unique moments. Our wedding planning services in Dubai are everything you need, from A to Z, without having any other worries.

You can contact our team of wedding planners in Dubai for additional information about how to organize a large wedding in Dubai.