Why Choose a Small Wedding in Dubai?

Updated on Tuesday 20th December 2016

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Why Choose a Small Wedding in Dubai? Image
A small wedding in Dubai will always give the feeling of coziness, intimacy, and romance. And besides that, this type of wedding is preferred by many couples who have a specific budget and many ideas. For about $40,000 you can organize the wedding of your dreams. Our wedding event planners in Dubai can offer proper assistance and recommendations when planning a small wedding in Dubai.


Create a small wedding in Dubai if you want no stress

If you hire a wedding planner in Dubai, most tasks will be excellently taken care of. A small wedding in Dubai will still respect the main steps when choosing the vendors, the venue in Dubai, the invitations, the wedding rings, the caterers or the photographer, but implies a certain number of invitees, about 60, which means fewer worries. It is true, the timeline will be the same as for a large wedding in Dubai, with special photo sessions, guest greetings, the newlyweds’ dance. 

Another best part of a small wedding in Dubai is that you can create your own menu, which can contain a classic buffet instead of the main courses. This is where you can use your imagination and plan a special menu with not that sophisticated items if you are not a sophisticated person yourself. Friends do know you and will be impressed by your ideas and visions, therefore, no worries if you want cheese pizza and popcorn for your wedding. This might be a great idea if you want a movie wedding theme in Dubai.

Tips for a small wedding in Dubai

Close friends and family are what you need the most on your special wedding day in Dubai. And if you don’t want to consider and respect all the rules and traditions imposed on many large weddings, then you should choose a small ceremony in Dubai.

For this kind of event, the bride-to-be can wear a vaporous wedding dress made of lace and veil. This is not a pretentious outfit, but it can be emphasized with fine and delicate jewelry, besides a hot red lipstick. The bride will still remain the key attraction of the wedding, without having to wear a princess wedding dress, which can be sometimes quite hard to move and dance with.  As for the gentlemen, they may choose the simple type pants with suspenders, which can be matched with an elegant bow tie and a stylish shirt. The grooms can add a silk classic vest on their festive outfit and this is how a simple but 100% elegant clothing can be done for a small wedding in Dubai.

While searching for the perfect wedding dress, shoes, manicure, and pedicure, our wedding event planners in Dubai are taking care of the other important aspects of a small wedding in Dubai. You’ll just have to enjoy the party and to have a good time with friends and family at your small wedding in Dubai.

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