Why Choose Dubai as a Wedding Destination

Updated on Thursday 15th September 2016

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Marriage is a sacred bond, an important step in our lives, so it has to be perfect. Because of this, we are sure that you have searched all possible destinations, but now we will tell you why to choose Dubai as a wedding destination. This city is currently home to over 200 nationalities and the number of marriages between Emirati citizens is half of the one of marriages between expatriates.

What Dubai has to offer

The city of Dubai is known all over the world for its luxury hotels and incredibly large malls, impressive skyline and, of course, its sandy beaches. In fact, some of the most luxurious hotels (which are right on the beach) are located in Dubai, that is among the most popular holiday destinations. Beside this, Dubai is a great destination when it comes to shopping and, as some of you may know, the duty free shops are, many times, the reason for missed flights. Also, during the first month of spring, there is an annual shopping festival so that tourists, and not only them, shop as much as they can. 

Because of the desert, which can be truly unique, and the fact that anything is possible, weddings in Dubai are described as very romantic. There is sunshine all year round so you should pick the period which is more suited for your needs. Hotels offer complete services, the same as caterers, entertainers, photographers and wedding planners in Dubai. All of them will try to recreate the wedding you would have in your home country, if you want so, while including the beach, desert and beautiful palm trees.

As you may already know, the architecture is beautiful, wedding planners give it all, the coastlines are elegant and your wedding photos will turn up wonderful. You can stroll along Dubai Marina or lounge around the Palm Islands. More so, it is a good opportunity for your family and friends to enjoy a trip abroad, while you celebrate the most important day of your life.

Everyone can get married in Dubai

Even if you are a Christian, Hindu or Muslim, the ceremonies can be accommodated here, with certain conditions, of course, and with the correct paperwork in place. The regulations are different, depending on where you come from and what your religion is.  

All in all, wedding planning in Dubai is the way to go. Thus, our experts can help you with travel decisions and everything you might need for a quick but wise decision. So, do not hesitate to contact us.